How do I rent a goUrban eScooter?

To rent one of our e-mopeds, you only need the goUrban app:

• iOS on the App Store
• Google Play Store Android

It remains easy:

1. Open the app on your smartphone.
2. Sign up following the instructions in the app – it should not take more than 5 minutes.
3. When the registration is complete, you can start driving.
4. Reserve an e-Scooter near you. You now have 15 minutes to get to the e-Scooter.
5. When you have reached it, press the „Start“ button in the app. The eScooter blinks, the light goes on and the helmet case opens.
6. Take one of the two helmets, put it on and off you go.
7. When you are sitting at the e-Scooter, you will see a red „P“ at the speedometer. That stands for Parkmode. If you want to go press the green start button to the right of the throttle. And you’re already going.

Caution: even if you do not hear anything, the scooter is turned on! It’s an electric engine.

8. Over the green start button you will find the driving mode stick. You can select from three driving modes:
• 1. Is for the first ride to get used to the e-Scooter. The e-Scooter does not accelerate so fast and the final speed is not so high.
• 2. is the mode for relaxed cruising. The e-Scooter does not yet accelerate with full power and the final speed is almost 40km / h.
• 3. The entire power of goUrban e-Scooter is available for you.

You have more questions? Contact us!